Meet Alan Fisher, owner of Kyojin Stewhouse

Our Mission:

The mission of 巨人のシチューハウス (Kyojin no Shichūhausu - The Giant's Stew House) is to educate and inspire a passion among people here in Japan for real Irish Food and Culture, by providing a selection of authentic, traditionally made comfort foods in an environment unique to my experiences of home in Ireland. 

With this in mind, I carefully considered what foods from home I've missed the most during my time in Japan. As I think back to my childhood, one memory stands out more than the rest. That is arriving home from school to a pot of fresh Lamb Stew that my mother would have cooking on the stove. As soon as I opened the door, wonderful smells of meat, vegetables and herbs stewing away would give rise to a tremendous hunger that often resulted in the burning of my tongue as I dipped my spoon into the boiling stock. 

I think every Irish person will have their own memories of stews from home, be they traditional lamb, beef & guinness or even seafood chowders to name but a few.

I hope that by using this ancient method of Celtic cooking as a base, I can achieve my mission of inspiring a love in Japanese people for real Irish Food & Culture.

Stewing & The Celts

Stewing is an ancient method of cooking common throughout the world.

However, in 1700 BC the Celts, while copying the Greeks, created bronze cauldrons to hang over an open fire, called a ‘Spit’ to cook.

Left: Bronze Cauldron. Right: Example of a Cauldron Hanging over a spit fire

Around the same time, the Celts came to Ireland moving through Europe and this cauldron would become the dominant cooking tool.

Migration Pattern of the Celts through Europe.   Source:  Eupedia

Migration Pattern of the Celts through Europe.

Source: Eupedia

Within the cauldron a variety of meat, vegetables and herbs were stewed slowly for several hours.

For example, The Celts in Ireland viewed sheep as an essential part of survival. It was a source of wool for clothing, milk for drinking & making cheese and eventually food. This meat would be tough so it would be stewed for several hours to perfectly tenderize.

A Giant's Dream - 3D.png

HELp Us Grow through Kyojin Books

Recently we launched Kyojin Books with our first fantasy novel called 'A Giant's Dream', part of the Fay Folk Series. Through original content we hope to further share Irish culture but at the same time raise much needed funding to help grow Kyojin no Stewhouse, our core business.

Whether you like a good Celtic Fantasy or even if you just feel that Kyojin no Stewhouse has been honest in our endeavors to share Irish culture here in Japan and would like to support us, than please buy the book. The English version is now available for paperback & ebook on Amazon, with Japanese to follow early next year.