Stew Options


Guinness Stout's unique flavor, a result of brewing beer from roasted unmalted barley, gives this hearty beef-and-vegetable stew a deep, rich flavor. Stewed for several hours in a Beef & Guinness stock, if you like your beef tender then perhaps this is the option for you.


Served best with a side of mashed potato or as a pie with mashed potato toasted on top



Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west & Irish Sea to the east, seafood has long been an important part of the Irish Diet. Here in Japan we're able to make our Creamy Chowder with the freshest Seafood in the world. Filled with Salmon, Tuna, Cod and lots of Vegetables, if you’re a seafood lover then this is the stew for you


Served best with a freshly baked bread roll or soda bread.



The Celts in Ireland viewed sheep as an essential part of survival. It was a source of wool for clothing, milk for drinking & making cheese and eventually food. This meat would be tough so it would be tenderized for several hours in the most traditional stew called “Stobhach Gaelach”, meaning “Stew of the Irish”. 


Served best with a side of traditional Irish Soda bread